Beechdale Road, Nottingham

Working for Nottingham City Council, through their term contractor G F Tomlinson, works commenced with an environmental clean and full asbestos strip carried out under licenced protocols, prior to internal stripping out. The facility had been unused for a number of months and had been subject to vandalism and the like.

Large quantities of known and unknown chemicals needed to be dealt with under strict control, so as not to contaminate personnel, the public and the environment generally. Maximum working height between bottom of the pool pit and the highest part of the roof extended to 21m which required the use one of the recently purchased Volvo EC380E HR, high reach demolition rigs.

Recycling of all demolition arisings exceeded 95%, with all brick and concrete hardcore being processed to a highways specification grading of 6F5. All metals were also fully salvaged, sorted and moved on to scrap processing facilities.
Upon completion of the demolition works a site levelling exercise was completed which involved the relocation of 11,800m³ of soils to complete the cut and fill.

The project was completed ahead of time, within budget and to the full satisfaction of the client, allowing numerous further tendering opportunities.