Blackfriars Road

The building was a very heavily reinforced, robust concrete frame, with a full-footprint basement and associated
roof level plant rooms. It spanned almost 135m in length, was 35m at it widest point and stood at 42m from
ground level to the highest point.

The Northern and Western elevations were positioned directly on the public highway, the Eastern elevation on
the adjacent Christ Church Garden and the Southern on the pub garden of The Rose and Crown public house.
It was imperative all highways and adjacent properties remained open for use by the public as much as possible.
This was achieved using a fully wrapped scaffold screen complete with debris fans tied to the building, allowing
mechanical demolition to proceed safely behind.

Additional safety measures, including rolling cordons in the predicted debris zone, were employed to ensure all
risks were under control. The majority of the primary demolition work was completed using two high reach
demolition rigs, one operating at 44m and the second at 33m. Three other demolition rigs rated between 30t and 45t
were utilised for low level demolition, processing and substructure removal.

Additionally, an excavator, crusher and loading shovel were employed in the MOT Type 1 production and engineered
backfilling of the existing basement. Recycling of all demolition arisings exceeded 98%, with all concrete hardcore being
processed to a highways specification grading of 6F5. All metals were also fully salvaged, sorted and moved on to scrap
processing facilities.

The project was completed to the full satisfaction of the Client and the numerous local stakeholders including
various departments within the London Borough of Southwark Council, Transport for London, The Office of the
Mayor of London, the London Assembly, numerous resident’s groups and the HSE.