Stakehill Industrial estate

The main focus of the project was to bring the building with a GFA of 25,000m² (c. 6.2 Acres), back to steel frame such that it could easily be converted to suit the needs of any potential occupier. The building was of a steel frame construction, with a combination of polystyrene cold store panels (approx. 30,000m²) and CFC panels (approx.15,000m²) including ceilings and walls.

All cold store panels and associated refrigeration pipework and plant needed to be removed. 12m high double skinned blockwork partitions between the three main chambers also needed to be demolished. All metals, hardcore and even polystyrene was recycled and diverted from landfill. Polystyrene was processed and compacted into bails 1/100th the size of its original form. This then became a saleable material on the open market.

Equipment and plant utilised on the project included up to 6 Nr large bay scissor lifts, 2 Nr cherry pickers, 4 Nr telehandlers, 2 Nr heavy duty polystyrene compactors and 2 Nr 14t demolition rigs on road-liners to protect the retained internal floor slab.
The works were subject to health and safety inspections by Tesco’s Consultant, Rider Levett Bucknell whereby an audit score of 99.1% was achieved, the highest ever awarded to any contractor.

The works were completed within budget and on time, to the complete satisfaction of the Client.